On 26 November, at the event organized by the Trade Department of the Austrian Embassy, Dr. Maja Stanivuković, professor of the Novi Sad Faculty of Law and President of the BAC, and Đorđe Novčić, Partner in Janković, Popović & Mitić Law Office and a member of the Arbitration Association, spoke on the topic

“An Efficient Way of Resolving Disputes in Serbia”

Main features of arbitration as compared to other ways of dispute resolution were outlined. The differences between arbitration and adjudication before the commercial courts in Serbia were in the focus of the presentation.

The speakers explained the origin of the Belgrade Arbitration Center, as well as its organisation, table of costs, and novelties that it brings into domestic arbitration. Practical notes were made on the way its jurisdiction may be agreed upon.

The presentation was followed by a discussion.

Posle predavanja organizovana je diskusija sa slušaocima.