2711, 2016

Conference “Liber amicorum Gašo Knežević”

27th November 2016|0 Comments

Conference presenting “Liber Amirocum Gašo Knežević” will be held at the Belgrade Faculty of Law on 21 December 2016 at 10:00 AM. All members are welcome to attend free of charge.

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1411, 2016

Challenge of an Arbitrator

14th November 2016|0 Comments

This article was originally edited by, and first published on www.internationallawoffice.com.
In an April 19 2016 decision the Supreme Court considered whether a lunch attended by a sole arbitrator and a party’s counsel could give rise to doubts regarding the arbitrator’s impartiality and independence.(1)
This was the second challenge to be brought by the respondent against the arbitrator. The first challenge had been dismissed by the Supreme Court even though the arbitrator had not fully disclosed his relationship with one of the parties, as it had been found that the arbitrator had had no intention to conceal the information (for further details please see “Consequences of violating arbitrator’s disclosure obligation”).(2) […]

2106, 2014

Lost in translation – the importance of translation in winning your case

21st June 2014|0 Comments

Published on LexisPSL Arbitration on 27 May 2014
Arbitration analysis: The issue of translation is seldom at the forefront of arbitration lawyers’ minds. They often treat it as a simple logistics task, such as photocopying and […]