Co – chair circle retreat 2019

On June 6 and 7, a co – chair of Under 40 section of Arbitration Association, Ms. Sara Pendjer attended a co – chair circle retreat that took place at the beautiful lake Neusiedl in the south of Austria. The host of this year’s co – chair circle retreat was YAAP (Young Austrian Arbitration practitioners). [...]

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Seminar on The role of witnesses and expert witnesses in arbitration proceedings

On 4 June 2019 the Arbitration Association has, in cooperation with University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, successfully organized another arbitration seminar for arbitration practitioners and enthusiasts. The topic of the June seminar was: "The role of witnesses and expert witnesses in arbitration proceedings". The panelists were:  Ms. Ana Stanic, E&A Law, Ms. Tijana Lalic, Prica&Partners [...]

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Hot Topics in Our Daily Arbitration Practice

  The 2nd Round Table organized by Gabriel Arbitration law firm from Zurich on “Hot Topics in Our Daily Arbitration Practice” took place on 21 May 2019  in Aeroklub, Uzun Mirkova 4/II, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia. The Round Table was attended by over 40 arbitration practitioners and academics from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland. The [...]

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Arbitration seminar in Geneva

On 10 May 2019  Schellenberg Wittmer  law firm in Geneva hosted an arbitration seminar on the topic:   "Sharing is Caring: challenges and best practices of arbitration associations" where representatives from nine arbitration associations presented their experiences in promoting arbitration in their respective countries (Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Serbia, Ukraine and Russian Federation). ArbitralWomen association's representative [...]

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Debating hot topics in International Arbitration

On 6 April 2019, as part of the Belgrade Arbitration days (Belgrade Arbitration Conference and Belgrade open pre-moot in preparation for the Vienna Willem C. Vis Moot), ICC Young Arbitrators Forum and Under 40 Section of Serbian Arbitration Association have organized a conference in Belgrade - Debating hot topics in International Arbitration. This conference was [...]

Arbitrator Intelligence Presentation at the meeting of the Arbitration Association

Ms. Andrea Nikolić, Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassador for CEE region presented the Arbitrator Intelligence project at the meeting of the Arbitration Association. Her presentation is available here. Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) is a non-profit organisation aiming to develop more information about arbitrators by collecting data through the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire (AIQ). More information on the AI can [...]

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REgional arbitration round-table

Registration for our upcoming arbitration round-table organized by Arbitration Association under40 section in cooperation with Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners on 7 November 2018 at the Conference room of University of Belgrade Faculty of Law is now open. The program for the round-table which centers around the motto REgional with the following sub-topics: REshape - what [...]

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Co-Chairs’ Circle in Rome

Under 40 Section of the Arbitration Association has joined the Co-Chairs’ Circle this May at the annual meeting held in Rome, upon decision of the Board of this informal group. The Co-Chairs' Circle is an informal platform for the exchange between young arbitration practitioner groups. Given the continued proliferation of young arbitration practitioner groups, it was time to [...]

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Board for Promotion of Mediation and Education in the Field of Mediation is Now Formed

Board of the Arbitration Association has at its meeting of 7 May 2018 formed a  Board for Promotion of Mediation and Education in the Field of Mediation. For members of the Board the following practitioners have been appointed: Prof. Dr Leposava Karamarković, Prof. Dr Monika Milošević and Ms. Ivana Ninčić.

X Belgrade Arbitration Conference

On Friday, March 16, 2018, Serbian Arbitration Association in cooperation with the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law will have a pleasure of hosting the X Belgrade Arbitration Conference which will gather dozens of professors, attorneys and other arbitration experts who will discuss the pertinent issue of arbitration within the three panels. See Conference Program. Working [...]

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