The Belgrade Arbitration Center and the Istanbul Arbitration Centre Sign Cooperation Agreement

The Belgrade Arbitration Center (BAC) and the Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) have concluded a Cooperation Agreement to strengthen international dispute resolution by fostering connections and projects between stakeholders in Türkiye and Serbia. Both arbitral institutions aim to cooperate in promoting arbitration and other dispute settlement mechanisms by organizing joint conferences and seminars. An important aspect of this collaboration is that both institutions will assist in securing suitable facilities and services at each other’s locations, ensuring a supportive and efficient arbitration process.

The formalization of this agreement was marked by the signatures of Prof. Dr. Ziya Akıncı, President of ISTAC, and Prof. Dr. Maja Stanivuković, President of BAC, symbolizing the beginning of a strengthened relationship between the two institutions.

This collaboration holds significance for the broader international business community, particularly in Türkiye and Serbia, where substantial investments and commercial transactions take place. The partnership aims to contribute positively to cross-border dispute resolution and facilitate smoother international transactions.