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Arbitration Association is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit association of legal professionals that currently gathers over 100 members – attorneys, university professors and lecturers, judges and commercial lawyers in Serbia with expertise in domestic and international arbitration.

The Association was established in 2013, for the purposes of promoting arbitration as a dispute settlement mechanism, supporting the development of the arbitration law and practice in Serbia and the region as well as educating and raising public awareness of the importance of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. The membership in the Association is open to graduate lawyers and arbitration practitioners notwithstanding their nationality or age. The admission criteria are regulated under Article 7 of the Articles of Association. The standard path is to begin with associate membership and to move to full membership after three years. Exceptionally, the Board may decide to directly admit a candidate as a full member.

The main activities of the Arbitration Association are focused on further enhancement of education in the field of arbitration, including organizing and executing professional training sessions, conferences, seminars, workshops and programs for professional development of its members and interested third parties.

Furthermore, in view of promoting more effective, business-oriented and cost-savvy arbitral practice in Serbia and the region the Arbitration Association established the Belgrade Arbitration Center (BAC) – a permanent arbitral institution that administers domestic and foreign disputes, assists in technical and administrative aspects of ad hoc arbitral proceedings, organizes and conducts mediation sessions and provides other services closely related to dispute settlement.

Articles of Association

Articles of Association were adopted at the General Meeting of the Arbitration Association on June 18, 2013 with the latest amendments adopted on 21 February, 2019.

The consolidated version of the Articles of Association in the English language is available here.

Board of the Arbitration Association

dragor hiber

Professor Dr. Dragor Hiber, President

jelena perovic

Professor Dr. Jelena Perović

milena djordjevic

Assistant Professor Dr. Milena Đorđević

vladimir djeric

Dr. Vladimir Đerić, Attorney

Dragan Psodorov, LL.M., Attorney

snezana dabic

Assistant Professor Dr. Snežana Dabić, Secretary

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