Cost Calculator

The cost calculator enables parties to produce an estimate of the likely costs of a BAC Arbitration according to the Schedule of Costs in Appendix I to the BAC Rules. When the Statement of Claim is received by the Secretariat, the amount of administrative fees and arbitrators’ fees shall be determined by the Secretariat in accordance with the Schedule of Costs of the BAC that has been in force since 1 January 2014. As a rule, the Secretariat shall instruct the claimant and the respondent to each advance one half of such costs and fees.

The cost calculator will generate the amounts for the BAC Registration Fee, the Administrative Fee and the Arbitrators’ Fees.

  • Please insert the amount in dispute in Euros using numerals only. Please avoid the use of spaces, commas or decimal points.
  • Indicate the number of arbitrator(s)
  • And calculate

The result provides an estimation of the advance on costs that may be fixed by the Secretariat. Due to the rounding of figures, the estimate may vary slightly from the amount resulting from the application of the Schedule published in Appendix I to the BAC Rules of Arbitration.

In disputes involving multiple parties, the calculated amounts will be increased by 10 per cent for every additional party to the proceedings, the maximum possible increase being 30 per cent.

The estimate has no legal implications and should not be considered as necessarily reflecting the amount the Secretariat will fix in any given case.

Costs calculator