Belgrade Arbitration Center

The Belgrade Arbitration Center (BAC) is a permanent arbitral institution that administers domestic and international disputes, assists in technical and administrative aspects of ad hoc arbitral proceedings, organizes and conducts mediation sessions and provides other services closely related to dispute settlement.

Activities of the Belgrade Arbitration Center are managed by the members of its Board: Professor Dr. Maja Stanivuković, Professor Dr. Vladimir Pavić, Professor Dr. Miloš Živković, Dr. Tijana Kojović and  Filip Boras, LL.M.

Why should the parties opt for arbitration administered by the BAC?

There are many reasons:

– the proceedings are fast, efficient and reliable while being fully compliant with the applicable legislation;
– parties are free to choose their arbitrators and rules governing the proceedings or to delegate the selection of arbitrators to the Board;
– arbitrators apply modern and efficient rules of procedure including techniques aimed at reducing costs of the proceedings (e.g. telephone and video conferencing);
– arbitrators maintain and protect equality of the parties, allowing both sides to present their arguments;
– the BAC offers affordable services in dispute resolution for disputes with a regional character and in languages spoken in the region;
– the arbitral award has the same legal effect as any final and enforceable decision of a national court;
– the arbitral award is final and enforceable, excluding the right of appeal;
– unlike decision of the national courts, the BAC arbitral awards are enforceable in more than 160 jurisdictions around the world under the framework of the New York Convention;
– the BAC supports and strives to implement equal representation in arbitration.