Ms. Andrea Nikolić, Arbitrator Intelligence Ambassador for CEE region presented the Arbitrator Intelligence project at the meeting of the Arbitration Association. Her presentation is available here.

Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) is a non-profit organisation aiming to develop more information about arbitrators by collecting data through the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire (AIQ). More information on the AI can be found here: The goals of the AI’s Mission are increasing transparency, fairness, and diversity in arbitrator appointments.

The AIQ is a confidential online survey to be completed at the end of an arbitration. It is designed to collect information about the arbitral proceedings and arbitrators’ decision-making. By making systematically gathered data about arbitrator decision-making more equally available, the AIQ will help level the playing field in arbitrator selection and make the entire process more transparent. Meanwhile, more information about arbitrators will provide market-based accountability for arbitrators and allow newer and more diverse arbitrators a meaningful opportunity to build their reputations based on actual performance.

Once data is collected through the AIQ, Arbitrator Intelligence will analyse that data and produce reports on individual arbitrators. These reports will be available on Wolters Kluwer website or parties and counsel, and can be used to select arbitrators in new cases.