Joint Event of the BAC and KIAP on Serbia as a Relevant Jurisdiction for International Arbitration


In October 2023, the Belgrade Arbitration Center and the Russian law firm KIAP, based in Moscow, organized a joint online conference on the topic of Serbia as a relevant jurisdiction for international arbitration. The conference aimed to familiarize the law office’s clients with Serbia’s arbitration legal framework, the operations and rules of the Belgrade Arbitration Center, and Serbian law as the governing law in international commercial contracts. Sixty engaged participants attended, posing numerous questions and displaying keen interest in Serbian arbitration and BAC.

Key speakers:

  • Professor Dr. Maja Stanivuković, President of BAC, with a presentation on the general legal framework of arbitration in Serbia and the pros and cons of Serbia as the seat of arbitration,
  • Professor Vladimir Pavić, Vice President of BAC, with a presentation on the Serbian Arbitration Association, the BAC and its rules,
  • Professor Miloš Živković, member of the BAC Board, with a presentation on the general framework of Serbian commercial and contract law and the CISG.
  • Jovan Nikčević, attorney at law and member of the Serbian Arbitration Association, with a presentation on a practitioner’s perspective when conducting arbitration in Serbia.

Moderator of the conference was Anastasiya Ryabova, Associate at KIAP International Commercial Arbitration Practice, member of the Russian Women in Arbitration and ICC Russia Arbitration Committee.

The event was held in Russian and English with simultaneous translation.